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I was born in Winter Park, Florida on June 23, 1986. Since moving to Los Angeles in 2003, I’ve worked on dozens of films, television shows, and commercials including Thor, True Grit, and The Golden Compass. My visual effects work has earned an Emmy Award (2006, Outstanding Graphic Design, Superbowl XXXIX: Opening Sequence) and a Visual Effects Society Award (2006, Outstanding Visual Effects, Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon in 3D).



“Has a great eye for color and detail, works very efficiently…His positive demeanor puts everyone at ease, and his drive and ability sets him apart from the pack.”
Travis Wade Ivy, colleague, Digital Dimension/Rainmaker/CafeFX

“Achieves what he puts his mind to, and is a genuinely supportive person and professional.”
Erik Bruhwiler, founder/producer, Sluice Entertainment, Inc

“…is earnest, hardworking and talented…He is the rare individual who is both a perfectionist and knows the meaning of a deadline. I can whole heartedly recommend him…”
Patrick Mullane, Owner, Fearful Symmetry

“His vast knowledge of high-end compositing coupled with his genuine leadership qualities make him an excellent supervisor.
Always in good spirits and more than happy to lend a guiding hand. A wonderful eye…”
Josiah Holmes Howison, colleague, CafeFX

“…A positive, creative and highly dedicated artist. Never one to get flustered, and with a great eye for detail, he was a pleasure to be around and turned out consistently great shots.”
Andrew Roberts, colleague, 3D Supervisor Digital Dimension

“Harimander is an extremely skilled compositor and talented artist. He handles difficult shots with the utmost professionalism which stems from years of compositing experience and strong creativity. He is proactive in accomplishing his goals, demonstrated by him entering the industry at a relatively early age, and his unique abilities allow him to be very effective and efficient on any project. Most importantly, he is great to work with and is liked by all who know him.””
Chad Ridgeway, colleague, Digital Dimension

“Harimander is a talented compositor who works quickly & with great attention to detail.
He is also a great motivator and is always happy to get stuck in and help out when others need a hand.
He is a great assest to any team.”
Viv Jim, colleague, Rainmaker

“Harimander is a talented compositor, who has an ever-present positive attitude. He understands the meaning of contributing to a team situation, but is equally capable of more individualized work. Harimander is highly motivated to learn new things and he is persistent and willing to dig to come across the answer. His various qualities and capabilities make him a great resource that would greatly benefit any company.”
Tatjana Bozinovski, colleague, Digital Dimension

“Harimander is a team player with great attitude and has always been very helpful to his colleagues. He has a superb eye for details and would be an excellent addition to any compositing team.”
Wing Kwok, colleague, Digital Dimension

“I worked with Harimander for three years. During that time I had the pleasure of observing the combination of Harimander’s extensive technical knowledge and positive attitude. Harimander is a bright personality, and a determined hard worker. I hope to work with him again some day soon.
Travis Yohnke, colleague, Digital Dimension